Sunday, January 10, 2010

From NR: No reason for panic

Okay! I had my day of tears and self-pity so no more! Or, that's the plan, anyway. So, on to the healing. Right now I'm still hoping for a quick-ish heal because I have Plans and you're not allowed to be injured when you have Plans! Yeah.

I have exercises to do, half in the morning and half at night, to strengthen the muscles that are supposed to be at fault. When I talked (sort of) with a PT guy, he had me do the 'typical test' for PFS - sit down and hold your leg out straight. With one hand, push your kneecap down your leg some, then try and flex your quads. This will make you jump if you're having PFS issues. So I tried it an lo and behold - jump! Then I tried it with the right leg, just to make sure I'm feeling the right thing and . . . jump! Hmmmmm. So it's looking as though things are ready to get angry on my right knee, too, making it doubly important that I do those strengthening exercises on both legs. So this can only be good for me, right? Getting weak muscles stronger is always a good thing.

Happily, I have a three day weekend right now, so that should help with things. It also means I can ice and then heat 3 times a day and that I can sit around a lot. After a very long, exhausting and gimpy work night Friday, I'm happy to not have to walk around concrete for a few days. I'm told that things that make it worse include running on ice (the main way to run right now) and squatting to lift heavy things (also known as my job).

After this happened at Boston, I took 9 days off of running so I'm not planning on trying until Tuesday at the earliest - that will be a week since I woke up with this. Right now, my knee still hurts walking around, which is troubling but we'll see how things go.

I'm having trouble coming up with cross-training options that don't involve bending the knee. Any ideas? I might have to see what I can do about pool access if this continues and see what my knee thinks about swimming.


  1. Get better soon, lovely Samnita!! Injuries are never fun :(

  2. So - awaiting a walk report and anticipating seeing you in a day and a half for a run!