Friday, January 8, 2010

From NR: A diagnosis?

Okay so after a quick exam and some x-rays the diagnosis is Patellofemoral Syndrome. It seems it goes by a bunch of different names which are often incorrect, no-one really understands what causes it and there's no consensus on how to treat it. Lovely. I generally need to write questions down in advance or they never get asked when I'm at the doctor's. So now I find myself with lots of questions and I guess I'll have to give my doctor a call. I feel as though I don't really completely agree with the diagnosis from what I've read about it but I don't have a better idea and I'm clearly not a doctor myself. I have a list of things that are different from what I've read and I don't know if they're important differences or not. I kind of feel like going to a sports specialist after the doctor I went to (not my normal one, she wasn't availible) had to look up information on it. At the very least, I guess I should call my normal doctor and talk with her some.

Of course, after sitting around all day, not walking around and bending my knee, it was feeling better by the time I went to the doctor. I have exercises to do so I did those and then iced this morning and then my knee felt worse. Hm.

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