Tuesday, January 19, 2010

From NR: Late Update

Sorry about the super late update on things. Here's the current word, though. I went to a Physical Therapist last Tuesday to get another opinion. I just had too many doubts about my first doctor's visit and I wanted the opinion of someone who knew a little bit more about what might be going on. I called a couple places looking for a free sports consult and someone I work with at the store also works at a PT place that does free consults so she directed me there.

I really liked the guy I saw - he spent almost a full hour with me trying to figure things out. Lots of moving my leg around and seeing if anything caused pain (boy is it hard to relax in that situation!), which pretty much nothing did. He ruled out a lot of things and didn't think my symptoms were consistent with a patella femoral syndrome.

He thinks my problem is an irritated plica. Huh. Something I've never heard of before and it turns out not everyone has it. Though, later in the week, I picked up Joan Benoit Samuelson's Book of Women's Running and flipped through the injury part and, lo and behold! She had issues with her plica and that's what the surgery right before her Olympic trials was for.

Anyway, there are some orthopedic surgeons who are of the opinion that if it (the plica) gets irritated then out with it! The guy I saw didn't think that was at all necessary, yet. So the plan for now is to icing to bejimmies out of it and be careful. I can run as pain allows so it's time to start easing back into my training plan and hope for the best. So far, my runs have not been painful and I skied for 3 hours Saturday with no problems so all is hopeful.

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