Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sicky sickling

So there's not too much to blog about right now seeing as how I haven't run since last Thursday and last Thursday's run I made it just over 2 miles. I've been sick with the variety of sick that you don't run with - namely a deep (and painful!) lung cough and some dizzy/heaviness/weak fatigued muscles. For a couple of days, I did little but sleep (14 hours on Monday) and sit around watching Netflixed episodes of Sherlock and Doctor Who. But! The cough is practically gone, I've been able to be at work since Wednesday, and there is no more dizzy so I will be running tomorrow! Yay! My running log has been sad and empty in March.

The Boston website tells me 36 days to race day. My plane tickets are bought (though I might move some times around since there's no fee for doing so) and I have a friend to stay with and two more friends coming to hang out. Of course, I haven't completely decided on my goal for the race, yet. I would like to at least beat my last Boston time by an hour . . . Beyond that, I'm not too sure. Perhaps it's time to lay out a hard road long run and see what kind of speed my legs are interested in. Or, I'll just show up and start out and see how long I can hang on. I'll keep you all posted on that!

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