Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Two posts in two days! Almost as though I don't have a ton to prepare right now . . . Anyway, I thought I would share with the world most of an email I sent to Andrea today: So I KNOW 10 day forecasts mean nothing. I know this. But I still check. Semi-obsessively. For Silver Bay, Finland, and Lutsen, because who checks just the start or just the finish of a race? Today proves that these long range forecasts mean nothing because this morning, the forecast was a high of 66 on Friday! Yay! Now it's a high of 82. What's 15 degrees or so? I truly know I'll be okay regardless of weather, though. This obsessive weather checking is a left over habit from when I would psych myself out about the weather. At this point, it's just fun to watch it change and see my reactions to various predictions before reminding myself that it'll be whatever the weather gods choose and we'll all have to deal accordingly. It's good to have somewhat of an idea of what's coming, though. And it serves as an outlet for some nervous energy :) If I wanted perfect weather, I wouldn't be running outside for over thirty hours and I definitely wouldn't live in Minnesota.

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