Monday, May 14, 2012

Fargo in 5.

T minus five days! Now, I go away for the weekend and the weather forecast jumped up 10 degrees. What's with that? Right now it's sitting at a high of 79, breezy, and a chance of thunderstorms. Like I try to always say this closer to race time - perfect! We're still a decent amount of time away, weather prediction wise, though. It does bring up a slight hesitation, as their water stop spacing is far from spectacular. At least, according to the race map. The map shows water at 4.25ish, 6.4ish, 8.25ish, 10.5ish, 12, 14, 16, 18 (yay, normal!). Then nothing until 21.4ish, then another at 22.5ish and nothing after that. There is, however, another spot on their website where they just list the aid stations. This listing is a more normal every two miles starting at mile three and every mile starting at 21. That's a pretty major difference in aid stations . . . So I'm contemplating bringing a handheld - either a normal size (so big!) or my tiny one (so small!). But, first things, first - I asked them if the map or the listing is correct. If the listing is right, then I won't need to bother with my own water but if the map is right and it's warm out, my own water might be good. Of course, in this day of instant gratification, I want my answer now! I don't want to wait until the next business day which is when a response will probably (hopefully) come. Whine.

It looks as though there is runner tracking, though that also confuses me a bit. You go here. And maybe only on race day it gives you the option of the Fargo race? And it looks like a map thing so not something that sends you text or email updates.

I'm ready for the race, now! I had a good race at Western Waterfront - tried to focus on pushing it just a little without full out racing it. There was someone in front of me that I think I could have caught had I pushed the last mile harder, but I didn't want to leave my Fargo legs on the Western Waterfront trail I ran what felt like one of my better races there, though times aren't comparable since it's a little short with the new course.

5 days is a long way away! But, I still need to wash my running clothes and get packed and finalize details, so I guess time is good. I'm definitely of the type that likes to pack one of everything, just in case the weather changes dramatically. I would much rather lug things around then realize on race morning that I sure wish I brought my sleeves. Or hat.

I'm crazy busy this week - I joined a retriever training class on Tuesdays, NMTC race on Wednesday (though I won't race it, probably just run it easy), trail work Thursday (unless I'm behind on packing), leave on Friday! So I'd love to say I'll post again before I leave, but maybe not. Since I'll be home Saturday night, I'll try to post on Sunday :) If you don't track me, though, you can look up my results here if you can't wait to hear from me.


  1. Whoo hooo Fargo (or Lutsen in my case)!!!

    What?! You are going to run Bull Run (aka Tick Run)?!? DFF.

    Can't wait to hear how the race goes.

  2. Yeah, I know. Don't Fuck up Fargo. But it worked so well last year with my 50K. And I need to run tomorrow anyway, right?