Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Need your help!

So back in December, Kyle and I got our third dog - this one from Animal Allies here in Duluth. We've tried very hard but he's just not working out and now we're looking for a new home for him. Why post it here, you ask? Because he's the best running buddy ever!

His name is Jake and I want so badly for this guy to go to another runner. He has so much energy! We've been doing between 4-6 miles and he treats them all: "That was a great warm-up! Let's keep going!" He'll be ready for more mileage with no problem. He runs great at your side (preferring the side away from traffic since buses and dump trucks are kind of scary) and hardly tugs. Loose dogs, leashed dogs, dogs in yards - they don't bother him a bit. He does want to check out people, so I try to run him on not crowded sidewalks/roads. He runs well when you're running WITH someone, as well.

Jake is about 4 years old and an English Setter and Brittany Spaniel mix. He's very cuddly and loves to be right next to you on the couch with his head in your lap. The two reasons we sadly can't keep him:

1) He is growl-y to our other two dogs. They are both very submissive and Jake should have figured out by now that they aren't a threat. Much of the time he's fine with them, walking alongside them with leashes and cuddling together but then he'll out of the blue have an issue - growl and bites (to grab and not to hurt). He needs to be in a house where he's the only dog since he has the need to control the situation around the other dogs. MAYBE one other dog. However, he was great with my two year old nephew over Christmas so kids don't seem to be a problem.

2) He's a runner and can't be trusted off leash unless he's in a completely fenced in area. So he must be on leash while you're running with him. He's gotten loose from us a couple of times and he's off like a shot. He comes back, though, so he might be okay in a country situation where he can be let out the door and allowed to run/wander/come back without danger of roads, etc. He Comes great within a yard or in the house but we can't break through to his brain when he senses freedom.

So. I know there's the perfect home for him somewhere. Please let me know if you are interested in getting a great running buddy and pass it along to anyone you might know who would be. I have more information for those who want it. We'll want to meet any potential owner and he won't be free (though he won't be expensive). Both of these are to make sure he gets to the right home.

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