Thursday, December 10, 2009


It's an entry that's different from my Northland Runner entry!

Earlier this fall, I finally got myself a RoadID. I was out running a normal road route when suddenly I thought out of the blue "What if a semi truck hit me right now?" Very random, I know. So, forgetting that if a semi hit me then there probably wouldn't be much left, it was an important question. I never used to carry any sort of ID with me - my driver's license doesn't fit well into my running shorts and I don't carry a cell phone with me so what would happen if a car hit me? Or if I fell and cracked my head open? Noone would know who I was, who to contact or if I had any medical issues.

I went home and ordered a RoadID.

I went for the kind that velcros right onto your shoe since something around my neck would drive me crazy and anything that's not my watch drives me crazy around my wrist. I really do think everyone should have some sort of ID with them - be it a license or a RoadID or something similar. You want people to know your emergency contact and if you're allergic to anything major. So if you don't have anything - go make one! Right now! Or buy something that lets you easily carry that information.

So now that I'm on the RoadID mailing list, they sent me a Christmas coupon to share for 10% off any RoadID order through December 18th, just use the coupon code: pcHoliday294. They're $20-$30 and well worth it.


  1. I was thinking about this post on my run today and realizing that I am not sure a RoadID would be of much benefit in most of my runs... on trails. Despite running the SHT in town I saw no one and, once past the reservoir didn't see another human track - just me and the bunnies and deer. A slip and fall could be a problem at these temps!

    Just made me think about what type of identification I should have been carrying ;-> I had nothing with me, no ID, no cell phone, no keys... just me and my multiple layers of clothing. Maybe I should write my name in my jacket just in case.

    Found: one trail runner popsicle, identity unknown ;->

    Seriously, good post and a great reminder to gave something along that says who you are and to let someone know where you are going! I am like you, through the back of my head runs a dialogue of "what if I fell here?"

  2. Yeah, trails are much harder that way. I figure someone is bound to come across me sometime and possibly at a time where having something else do the 'talking' for me is best. Maybe try throwing your driver's license in your coat pocket.

  3. Margot and I were having this conversation last night on our run! She said she was glad that I was running with her because if she slipped and hit her head, and got knocked unconscious, she was afraid a car would run her over. Yikes.

  4. Interesting how we all seem to have these thoughts in our heads. Guess can chalk it up to being cautious ;->

    I think I just need to get in the habit of writing my name in my clothes and maybe invest in a lightweight ID of some type ;->